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    39) Crystallographic basis of strength and toughness anisotropy in SiC (to be submitted)
          Kyle Morris and Zubaer M. Hossain
    38) Softening and stress localization in diamond nanowires (to be submitted)
          Zhaocheng Zhang and Zubaer M. Hossain

    37) Anisotropic Poisson's ratio in 3C-SiC and its atomistic basis (submitted)
          Adrian Piel and Zubaer M. Hossain

    36) Critical line-defect orientation angle that renders disparate strength and toughness behavior (in review)
          T. Hao*, Z. Zhang*, T. Ahmed, J. Xu, S. Brown, and Z. M. Hossain 

    35) Structure-dependent strength and toughness in dodecahedral silica nanocage (in review)
          Tengyuan Hao and Zubaer M. Hossain

    34) Measuring effective toughness in bonded nonlinearly elastic media (in review)
          Tousif Ahmed and Zubaer M. Hossain

    33) Critical inter-defect distance that modulates strength and toughness in defective 2D sp2-lattice (pdf, doi
          T. Hao, T. Ahmed, R. J. Mou, J. Xu, S. Brown, and Z. M. Hossain
           Journal of Applied Physics 127, 204301 (2020) 

    32) Stress-localization induced toughening in CNT-SiO2 nanocomposite (pdf, doi
          Tengyuan Hao and Zubaer M. Hossain
           Journal of Applied Physics 127, 154306 (2020) 

    31) Geometric confinement governs toughness and strength in defective diamond nanowires (pdf, doi)
          Zhaocheng Zhang and Zubaer M. Hossain
          Physical Review B 101, 014111 (2020)

    30) Toughness and strength anisotropy among high-symmetry directions in 3C-SiC (pdf, doi)
          Fazle Elahi, Zhaocheng Zhang, and Zubaer M. Hossain
          Journal of Applied Physics 127, 015104 (2020), Selected as Editor's Pick.

    29Surface softening regulates effective stiffness in diamond nanowire (pdf, doi)
          Zhaocheng Zhang and Zubaer M. Hossain
          Nanotechnology 31, 095709 (2020)

    28) Size-dependent toughness and strength in defective 3C-SiC nanowires (pdf, doi)
          Ling Ma*, Tengyuan Hao*, and Zubaer M. Hossain    
          Journal of Applied Physics 126, 164303 (2019), *contributed equally
    27) Atomistic mechanisms of crack nucleation and propagation in amorphous silica (pdf, doi)
          Tengyuan Hao and Zubaer M. Hossain
          Physical Review B 100, 014204 (2019)

    26) Anisotropy of the effective toughness of layered media (pdfdoi
          Stella Brach, M. Z. Hossain, B. Bourdin, and K. Bhattacharya
          J. of Mech. and Phys. of Solids 131, 96 (2019)

    25) Strong anisotropy in strength and toughness in defective hexagonal boron nitride (pdf,doi)
          Tousif Ahmed, Allison Procak, Tengyuan Hao, and Zubaer M. Hossain
           Physical Review B 99, 134105 (2019)

    24) Differential anharmonicity and thermal expansion coefficient in 3C-SiC nanowires (pdf, doi)
          Zubaer M. Hossain, Fazle Elahi, and Zhaocheng Zhang
          Physical Review B 99, 115407 (2019)

    23) Heterogeneity governs diameter-dependent toughness and strength in SiC nanowires (pdf, doi)
          Fazle Elahi, Ling Ma, and Zubaer M. Hossain
          Physical Review B 98, 174111 (2018)

    22) Strength and toughness anisotropy in hexagonal boron nitride: An atomistic picture (pdf, doi)
          Tousif Ahmed, Zhaocheng Zhang, Colin McDermitt, and Zubaer M. Hossain
          J. Applied Physics 124, 185108 (2018), Selected as Editor's pick.

    21) Stillinger-Weber potential for elastic and fracture properties in graphene and cnts (pdf, doi)
          M. Z. Hossain, T. Hao, and B. Silverman
          J. of Physics: Condensed Matter 30, 055901 (2018)

    20Anisotropic toughness and strength in graphene and its atomistic origin (pdf, doi)
          M. Z. Hossain, T. Ahmed, B. Silverman, M. S. Khawaja, J. Calderon, A. Rutten, and S. Tse, 
          J. of Mech. and Phys. of Solids 110, 118 (2018)

   19) Measurement of fracture toughness of heterogeneous materials (pdf)
          C.-J.Hsueh, K. Bhattacharya, G. Ravichandran, M. Z. Hossain
          US Patent No. 9903800 (2018)

    18) Systems and methods for determining the effective toughness of a material .. (pdf)
          M. Z. Hossain, C-J Hsueh, K. Bhattacharya, G. Ravichandran, B. Bourdin
          US 2016/0131564 A1 (2016), US010190955B1 (2019)

    17) Effective toughness of heterogeneous media (pdf, doi)
          M. Z. Hossain, C-J. Hsueh, B. Bourdin, K. Bhattacharya
          J. of Mech. and Phys. of Solids 71, 15 (2014)

    16) Stress-dependent solute energetics in W-Re alloys from first-principles calculations (pdf, doi)
          M. Z. Hossain and J. Marian
          Acta Materialia 80, 107 (2014)

    15)  Electron-dependent thermoelectric properties in Si/Si1-xGex heterostructures and alloys (doi)
           M. Z. Hossain, and H. T. Johnson
           Appl. Phys. Lett. 100, 253901 (2012

    14) Ion impact energy distribution and sputtering of Si and Ge (pdf, doi)
          M. Z. Hossain, J. B. Freund, and H. T. Johnson
          J. of Appl. Phys. 111, 103513 (2012)

    13) Ion impact crater asymmetry determines surface ripple orientation (pdf, doi)
          M. Z. Hossain, K. Das, J. B. Freund, and H. T. Johnson
          Appl. Phys. Lett. 99, 151913 (2011)

    12)  Semiconducting graphene nanoribbon retains band gap on amorphous or crystalline SiO2 (pdf, doi)
           M. Z. Hossain, Appl. Phys. Lett. 99, 183103 (2011)

    11) Quantum conductance modulation in graphene by strain engineering (pdf, doi)
          M. Z. Hossain, Appl. Phys. Lett. 96, 143118 (2010)

    10) Effects of composition, strain, atomic disorder on optical phonon frequencies in Si1-xGex, (pdf, doi)
           M. Z. Hossain and H. T. Johnson
           J. of Appl. Phys. 107, 073515 (2010)

    9) Interface-induced bandgap reduction, electron transfer in semiconducting carbon nanotube (pdf, doi), 
        M. Z. Hossain, Appl. Phys. Lett. 96, 053118 (2010)

    8) Enhanced quantum confinement due to nonuniform composition in alloy quantum dots (pdf, doi)
        M. Z. Hossain, N. V. Medhekar, V. B. Shenoy, and H. T. Johnson
        Nanotechnology 21, 095401 (2010)

    7) Structural instability of single wall carbon nanotube edges from first-principles (pdf, doi)
        M. Z. Hossain, Appl. Phys. Lett. 95, 153104 (2009)

    6) Chemistry at the graphene-SiO2 interface (pdf, doi)
         M. Z. Hossain, Appl. Phys. Lett. 95, 143125 (2009)
    5) Improved calculation of Si sputter yield via first principles derived interatomic potential (pdf, doi)
        M. Z. Hossain, J. B. Freund, and H. T. Johnson
        N. Instr. and Meth. in Phys. Res. 261, 1061 (2009)

    4) Differential sputter yields in Si1-xGex (pdf, doi)
        M. Z. Hossain, J. B. Freund, and H. T. Johnson
        J. of Appl. Phys. 103, 073508 (2008

    3) Generalized mathematical model for the solution of mixed boundary-value elastic problems (pdf)
        M. Z. Hossain, S. R. Ahmed and M. W. Uddin
        Applied Mathematics and Computation 169, 1247 (2005

    2) A new mathematical model for finite-difference solution of 3D mixed-boundary value elastic problems
        M. Z. Hossain, S. R. Ahmed and M. W. Uddin
        I. J. of Computational Methods 2, 99 (2005)

    1) A general mathematical formulation for finite-difference solution of anisotropic materials (pdf)
        S. R. Ahmed, M. Z. Hossain, and M. W. Uddin
        Computers & Structures 83, 35 (2005)