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  • Principal Investigator 
Zubaer M. Hossain
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
zubaer@udel.edu, (302) 831 0900 (Office), 229 Spencer Lab
Dr. Hossain joined the Mechanical Engineering faculty at the University of Delaware as an Assistant Professor in September 2015. He received his Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He then served as a Postdoctoral Scholar at the California Institute of Technology. During his postdoctoral research, he also worked as a Visiting Scholar at the Johns Hopkins University and as a Visiting Scientist at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Prior to pursuing his doctoral studies, he was a Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), where he completed his M.Sc.Engg. and B.Sc.Engg. degrees in Mechanical Engineering. His research interests involve understanding the mechanics and physics of heterogeneous materials with applications in defense, energy, aerospace, health, and electronics.

  • Graduate/Undergraduate Students
Edward Carron
PhD student, Department of Mechanical Engineering
ejcarron@udel.edu, EJ is studying mechanics of multiaxis 3D printing

Tengyuan Hao
PhD Student, Department of Mechanical Engineering
hty@udel.edu. Hao studies fracture in heterogeneous materials at multiple scales.

Ling Ma
Masters student, Department of Mechanical Engineering
lynnma@udel.edu. Ling investigates defect-shape effect on mechanical properties in SiC nanowires.

Nick Ulizio
ulizio@udel.eduUD Researcher, Department of Mechanical Engineering. Nick studies mechanics of quantum confinement and energy absorption in quantum dot photovoltaics. He has been selected for one of the summer scholars through the DEI 2021 Research Internship Program.

Julia Hatoum
jthatoum@udel.edu. UD Researcher, Department of Chemical Engineering. Julia is interested in strain chemistry in low-dimensional materials. Julia has been selected for a 2021 DEI Summer Scholar Award.
Nana Sarpong
nanasarp@udel.edu. UD Researcher, Department of Mechanical Engineering. Nana studies mechanics of 3D printed bioceramics. Nana has been selected for a 2021 Summer Scholar Award.

Katelyn Young
kqyoung@udel.edu. NASA Summer Scholar, Department of Mechanical Engineering. Katelyn has been selected for a NASA sponsored internship position in 2021. Katelyn's research involves understanding architecture-property correlation in high-temperature composites.

Jenny Ziegler
jieglerj@udel.edu. NASA Summer Scholar, Department of Mechanical Engineering. Jenny has been selected for a NASA sponsored internship position in 2021. Jenny's research involves understanding architecture-property correlation in high-temperature composites.

Cassidy McCormick
cassjene@udel.edu. UD Summer Scholar, Department of Mechanical Engineering. Cassidy has been selected for a 2021 Summer Scholar Award. Her esearch involves understanding environmental factors affecting perovskite's efficiency.

  • K-12 Researchers
Heran Yang, yang.heran@charterschool.org, Heran is studying quantum mechanical basis of size dependent behavior in low-dimensional materials and mechanics of fracture in heterogeneous materials. He won a place among the top 300 Regeneron STS Finalists of the nation in 2022.  

Nathan Zhao, zhao.nathan@charterschool.org. Nathan is studying chemistry of deformation in complex low-dimensional structures for applications in high-performance electronics. 

Suraj Reddy, reddy.suraj@charterschool.org, Suraj is studying mechanics of multifunctional materials for aerospace applications.

Claire Andreasen, Charter School of Wilmington, andreasen.claire@charterschool.org. Claire is interested in understanding the electronic character of defective atoms in low-dimensional materials using first-principles simulations. Claire won the 1st place in the 2021 New Castle county Science Fair in the Physics category. She also won the Best in Show award in the fair. The title of her work for the Science Fair was `Second-order Jahn-Teller reconstruction in defective graphene'. Some details of her work can be found in her recent 2021 journal article
She won a place among the top 40 Regeneron STS Finalists of the nation in 2022.

Iveena Mukherjee, mukherjee.iveena@charterschool.org, Iveena is interested in developing recyclable composites for applications under extreme environmental conditions. 

  • Visiting Researchers
Dr. Bing Han, emilyhanbing@gmail.com. Bing received her Ph.D. degree from the University of Cincinnati in Materials Science and Engineering. She started working with us since August 2020. She is interested in understanding cathodic delamination in metal-polymer interface using experiments and computation. 

Sujoy Sadi, sujoy.sadi@outlook.com. Sujoy completed his BScEngg degree from the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. He is currently working part-time on a research project involved fracture in heterogeneous media. 


[PhD-2021] Tousif Ahmed, tousif@udel.edu. Tousif joined the PhD program in Fall 2016. His research involves mechanics of fractureHe received a 2020 Dissertation Fellowship from the UD College of Engineering. He also received the 2019 Progress Award from the Center for Composite Materials. He defended his thesis in March 2021. He is currently an Engineer at IBM, NY. His doctoral dissertation entitled 'Failure of In-Plane Heterostructures: Insights from Molecular and Continuum Perspectives.' Click here for a copy of his dissertation. 

[PhD-2021] Fazle Elahi, fazle@udel.edu. Fazle's research involves atomic scale analysis of fracture in 3C-SiC. He had received a 2019 Doctoral Fellowship from the UD College of Engineering. He defended his thesis in February 2021. He is currently an Engineer at Intel, Oregon. His doctoral dissertation entitled 'Atomic Scale Analysis of Fracture in 3C-SiC.' Click here for a copy of his dissertation. 

[MS, 2020] Zhaocheng Zhang, zhangzc@udel.edu. Zhaocheng completed his Master's thesis research on size-dependent mechanical behavior of diamond nanowires. Zhaocheng's THESIS. He is currently working as a PhD student at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

[MS, 2019] Jinye Liu, jinye@udel.edu. Jinye completed his Master's thesis on 'computational modeling of quantum confinement in alloy quantum dot-substrate heterostructures' in December 2018. Jinye'sTHESIS.

[MS, 2018] Tengyuan Hao, hty@udel.eduTengyuan is now at FuYao Glass. He worked at UDzLAB from Winter-2016 to Fall-2017. In his Master's thesis, he developed a multiscale understanding of effective toughness in carbon nanotube reinforced glass. Hao'sTHESIS. He explained how cracks nucleation and propagate in amorphous silica. Further details on his work on fracture in silica can be found in his PRB paper. He is currently pursing PhD in mechanical engineering at UD. 

[MS, 2017] Venkateswaran Santhanam, venkat@udel.eduVenkat is now at Gore. He worked at UDzLAB from Summer-2016 to Summer-2017. In his Master's thesis, he developed an understanding of anisotropic fracture-toughness in graphene. Venkat'sTHESIS.

[K-12] Justin Xu, Charter School of Wilmington, xu.justin@charterschool.org. He won the regional Science Fair competition (covering Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey) in May 2020 with his computational research and findings on the role of chemical heterogeneity in controlling bond rupture events in polymers. He has also been selected as one of the top 40 Regenron Talent Search Scholars of the nation in January 2021. Some details of his work can be found in his recent 2020 journal article. He is currently pursuing a UG degree in mechanical engineering at Harvard. 

[K12] Grace Liu, gliu23@choate.edu. Grace studied mechanics of osteoporosis.

[K-12] Noah Qasim, noahqasi23@ncs.charter.k12.de.us, Noah studied the mechanics of failure initiation in high-raised buildings.

[K-12] Jonas Ho, hjonas7676@gmail.com, Jonas studied the mechanics of fracture in caribes.

[K-12, Fall 2020] Collin Bower, Middleton High School, collinb424@gmail.com. Collin is interested in understanding mechanical and electronic properties of hybrid lattice. 

[K-12, Summer 2019] Edward Myers, Salesianum High School, edward.myers@salesianum.org. Edward wrote computational codes to create van der Waals heterostructures.
[K-12, Summer 2019] Jackson Muller, Avon Grove High School, 13jmuller@gmail.com. Edward wrote computational codes to create van der Waals heterostructures.

[K-12, Summer 2018] Max Bischoff, Charter School of Wilmington, maxwellbischoff@gmail.com. Max studied surface chemistry of quantum dots.

[K-12, Summer 2018] Justin Rheinstadter, Garnet Valley High School, justin.rheinstadter@gmail.com, Justin studied mechanics of nanostructured thermoelectric materials. Currently he is pursuing a BS degree in Aerospace Engineering at Penn State.

[K-12, Summer 2018] Sarah Ho, sarahmho25@gmail.com. Sarah worked at UDzLAB in Summer 2018 as a K-12 Summer Student. She worked on computational modeling of van der Waals heterostructures. She is currently a mechanical engineering student at UPenn. 

[UG-2021] Henry Fidlow, hfidlow@udel.edu. UD Researcher, Department of Mechanical Engineering. Henry studies anisotropic properties at the atomic scale. He received a NASA DE Space Grant Award for the academic year 2021-2022. 

[UG-2021] Hannah WiswellUD Winter ResearcherDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, hwiswell@udel.eduHannah's research involves understanding electronic structure basis of toughness and strength anisotropy in SiC. She received a NASA DE Space Grant Award for the academic year 2021-2022. 

[UG-2020] Michael SuleckiUD Researcher, Department of Mechanical Engineering, msulecki@udel.edu. He studies theoretical formulations of solid mechanics.

[UG-2020] Kyle MorrisUD Summer ScholarDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, kylemorr@udel.eduKyle's research involves understanding grain boundary structure and its implication on strength and toughness in diamond cubic solids. He received a NASA DE Space Grant Award for the academic year 2021-2022. 

[UG-2020] Gabe Brown, UD Summer Fellow, Department of Mechanical Engineering, gabeb@udel.edu. His research involves understanding diameter-dependent mechanical peroperties of nanotubes. 

[UG-2020] Adrian Piel, UD Summer Scholar, Department of Mechanical Engineering
apiel@udel.edu. Adrian designed an experimental setup for studying fracture in heterogeneous materials. He received a NASA DE Space Grant Award for the academic year 2020-2021. He is also a receipient of the 2020 Outstanding Junior Award from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UD. 

[UG-2020] Michelle Reckner, UD Summer Fellow, Department of  Mechanical Engineering, mreckner@udel.eduHer research involves understanding deformation in perovskites. She will start her PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Georgia Tech in fall 2021.

[UG-2020] Zach Cantrell, zscan@udel.edu, UDRAW researcher, Zach studied mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes.

[UG-2020] Millie Ayako, 
millieayako16@gmail.comMillie studied electronics states in alloy quantum dots. She was a receipient of the 2019 UD Summer Scholarship for her outstanding academic record and research plans.

[UG, 2020] Shane Brown, shane@udel.edu. Shane worked as a Summer Scholar in 2019. His work involved quantum confinement in low-dimensional atomic structures. He also contributed to understanding the role of defect-defect interaction on effective toughness modulus and strength in defective 2D materials. 

[UG, 2020] Timothy Hoff, thoff@udel.edu. Tim worked as a Summer Fellow. His work involved 
understanding the role of crystal structure in affecting mechanical anisotropy in highly anisotropic 2D materials using first-principles methods. 

[UG, 2020] Benjamin Halleran, bcoldenh@udel.edu, Ben worked as a Summer Fellow. His research involved understanding quantum mechanical basis of toughness anisotropy in low-dimensional materials. Ben received the Mary and George Nowinski Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research in 2020.

[UG, 2020] Lexi Anderson, lexander@udel.edu, Lexi worked as a summer scholar and UDRAW researcher. Her work involved understanding the molecular basis of osteoporosis. 

[UG, 2019] Allison Procakaprocak@udel.edu, Alison spent one summer as a Undergraduate Summer Fellow at the lab. She explored nanomechanics of failure in van der waals heterostructures. She received the NASA Space Grant Tuition Award in 2019.

           [UG, 2019] Colin McDermitt, colinmcd@udel.edu. Colin worked as a summer fellow. He explored            the role of atomic chains in controlling effective behaviof of 2D heterostructures. 

[UG, 2019] Benjamin Silvermanbsilver@udel.edu. Ben worked at UDzLAB from Winter 2017 to Spring 2019. He studied thermomechanical stability of heterogeneous photovoltaic materials. Ben received the Outstanding Junior Award from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UD in 2018. 
[UG, 2019] Sama Tima, sama@udel.edu. Sama worked at UDzLAB in Spring 2019 to study mechanical behavior of solids using atomistic scale simulations. 

[UG, 2018] Christopher Blackwell, cbwell@udel.edu. Chris worked at UDzLAB from Summer 2017 to Fall 2018. He was a Summer Scholar and received the NASA Space Grant Tuition Award in 2018. His research involved understanding deflection at the atomic scale. 

[UG, 2018] Shawn Egan, smegan@udel.edu. Shawn worked at UDzLAB in Summer 2018 as a Summer Scholar. His work involved studying quantum confinement in alloy quantum dots.

[UG, 2017-2018] Tianyi Weng, wengtian@udel.edu. Tianyi worked at UDzLAB as a Summer Scholar in Summer 2018. Her research involved creating atomic structures of alloy quantum dots. Tianyi is currently at the Johns Hopkins University.

[UG, 2017] Christopher Pasquale, chrispas@udel.edu. Chris spent the summer of 2017 at UDzLAB as a UD Undergraduate Summer Researcher. He studied the implication of stress on phonons in solids.

[UG, 2017] Justice Calderon, juscal@udel.eduJustice spent a summer of 2017 at UDzLAB as a UD Undergraduate Summer Researcher. His research involved creating 2D heterostructures.