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We are looking for undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in the areas of mechanics and physics of heterogeneous materials. We currently have multiple positions available. For the details of the positions, please send inquires to zubaer@udel.edu, with a subject "interested in MPHM-UD". To seek a position, attach a pdf copy of your CV. 

UD students: If you already have TA/Fellowship supports but looking for an advisor, you may work with us for 1 or 2 semesters to find intersecting interests. In such case, please contact Ms. Lisa Katzmire (katzmire@udel.edu) to learn about available research topics in our group. You are also encouraged to enroll in the elective course "Multiscale Modeling of Materials - MEEG447/667" in Spring 2016 to get an overview of our work.)

To join the groupidentify first if there are synergies of research interests. Our research is introduced in the Research page and various technical details are available in the publications. In a nutshell, we aim to engineer the basic architecture of solids by exploiting heterogeneity. Without limiting the studies to any particular length scales, we want to build integrated approaches whereby principles of quantum mechanics are as important to consider as those of the classical mechanics. In additional to developing good grasp in core mechanical engineering subjects, we emphasize preparing foundations on relevant ideas that stem from courses of other disciplines including physics, chemistry, material science and electrical engineering.

Non-UD students: If you are not admitted yet, you are welcome to submit an application to an academic program at UD first. Contact us upon receiving a favorable admission decision from the graduate college. 

Good luck!