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Deformation & quantum conductance

Graphene, MoSe2, MoS2, BN, WS2 or WSe2 is an one-atom thick planer sheet of atoms, possesses uncommon material properties that can be used to make electronics faster and energy efficient. However, achieving these values in realistic settings is a difficult task, mainly because of the associated complexity in making a flat and interaction free layer in practical conditions. In order to provide a detailed understanding of how local deformation affects electron's ballistic conductance, we use first-principles calculations to decipher the role of strain on quantum transport in graphene. We show that it is possible to quantify the amount of conductance modulation that originate solely from strain. Also, the quantum conductance, which is often assumed to be a constant, is actually amplified by more than 50% at 8% hydrostatic dilation.

Further Reading   Quantum conductance modulation in graphene by strain engineering
                             M. Zubaer Hossain, Applied Physics Letters 96, 143118 (2010)