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Connection to real-world problems

  1. Obtaining the phase diagram and thermodynamic quantities of bulk systems from the densities of trapped gases    
  2. Nanoscale non-equilibrium dynamics and the fluctuation–dissipation relation in an ageing polymer glass    
  3. Nonlinear dynamics: Spontaneous synchrony breaking    
  4. Flight control: Correction on the fly   
  5. Why do particle clouds generate electric charges?    
  6. Quantum random networks
  7. The distribution of spatially averaged critical properties     
  8. Appearance of a fractional Stokes–Einstein relation in water and a structural interpretation of its onset   
  9. Science on film     
  10. Relativistic thermodynamics: Always look back     
  11. Bose–Einstein condensates: BECs from the fridge    
  12. Metal–insulator transitions: The problem with spins
  13. Nonlinear optics: Quasiparticles undressed      
  14. Chaotic dynamics: Stuck with the flow   
  15. Enhanced reaction kinetics in biological cells
  16. A thermodynamic unification of jamming     
  17. Random organization in periodically driven systems   
  18. Thermodynamics: Limited adiabaticity     
  19. Breakdown of the adiabatic limit in low-dimensional gapless systems      
  20. Probing quantum and thermal noise in an interacting many-body system    
  21. Quantum entanglement: Reversible path to thermodynamics    
  22. Entanglement theory and the second law of thermodynamics     
  23. Microrheology of a sticking transition     
  24. Quantum magnetism: A watched pot on a quantum stove     
  25. Finite-temperature phase diagram of a polarized Fermi condensate     
  26. A metastable limit for compressed liquid water     
  27. Universal thermodynamics of strongly interacting Fermi gases     
  28. Phase transitions: A complex view of criticality     
  29. The thermodynamic origin of hysteresis in insertion batteries     
  30. Biophysics: Melting the double helix     
  31. Turbulence: The power of two dimensions