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    Turing away from high-symmetry
    Molecular nanosprings in spider capture-silk threads
    An engineered anisotropic nanofilm with unidirectional wetting properties
    The control of human mesenchymal cell differentiation using nanoscale symmetry and disorder
    Probing cellular events, one quantum dot at a time
    Nanomechanics: Welcome to the quantum ground state
    Organic semiconductors: What makes the spin relax?
    Self-organized adaptation of a simple neural circuit enables complex robot behaviour
    Things of beauty
    Exploring local currents in molecular junctions
    Binding energies, lifetimes and implications of bulk and interface solvated electrons in water
    Loading and selective release of cargo in DNA nanotubes with longitudinal variation
    Quantum football
    Cell and molecular mechanics of biological materials
    Solid-state physics: An insulator's metallic side
    Intracellular Dynamics
    Quantum light: generating single photon?
    Quantum dot: long life in zero dimensions
    Spin success for Silicon
    Ferroelectric Control of Spin Polarization
    Brain surgery boosts spirituality
    Observing the Average Trajectories of Single Photons in a Two-Slit Interferometer, 2011
    Physics of life: the dawn of quantum biology, 2011
    Buried by bad decisions, 2011