Md. Zubaer Hossain

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Quantum-Mechanical Study

  • Developing Ar-Si Interatomic Potential Using Density Functional Theory
  • Composition-field Induced Quantum Confinement in Heterostructures
  • Effect of Atomic Properties on Differential Sputter Yields in SiGe
  • Strain and Composition Effects on Phonon Frequency Shifts in Raman Spectra
  • Ab initio Study of Graphene-Oxide Interface Structures
  • Phonon Transport in Nanoscale Devices
  • Heat Transport by Electrons in  Nanoscale Devices
  • Ab Initio Study of Mechanical Properties of Carbon-Nanotube Heterojunctions 
Classical-Mechanical Study
  • Mathematical Modeling of Mixed-Boundary-Value Elastic Problems in Three-Dimensions
  • Energetics of n-link Robotic Arm Motion in 2D Space