Multiscale Mechanics of Heterogeneous Materials
Understanding multiscale implications of heterogeneity on structural and electronic properties of solids and nanostructured materials constitutes my research interests. The goal is to predict new properties that emanate from careful consideration of the details of heterogeneity at multiple lengthscales, ranging from quantum to the continuum. Our research is at the intersection of mechanics and physics of heterogeneous materials. Current efforts are focused on the following three topics:

A. Mechanics of fracture in heterogeneous materials 
Material heterogeneity plays a key role in evolving a range of unprecedented macroscopic properties that are otherwise unattainable. It is however a challenging task to study heterogeneous solids due to the involvement of multiple lengthscales and phenomena that often require unified application of multiple principles emanating from different disciplines (including mechanics, materials science, physics, and chemistry). The objective of this research is to understand the role of heterogeneity (in structural materials) in enhancing fracture toughness and strength at different length/time scales. 

           BMechanics of energy absorption and conversion in solids

CMechanics of nanostructured materials
Deformation and disorder at the nanoscale are inevitable in materials and exploring their implications on fundamental properties and mechanisms constitute this research. The objective is to exploit nanoscale heterogeneity and deformation to enhance fundamental material properties and processes in electronic materials. Example materials include SiGe, graphene, carbon nanotube, quantum dots, and quantum heterostructures -- all of which have important applications in the fields of energy, nanotechnology, defense, and aerospace.